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My 365 Project!

Hello, and welcome to my 365 Project! Here you'll find a photo taken every day this year, starting on my 27th birthday- Sept 14th 2010!

Thanks for visiting! 

-Nicole Ladonne

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June 1st.

The view outside my window has changed drastically! So much green!

May 31st

Mr. Dog misses Andy already!

May 30th

May 29th

May 28th


May 27th

baby toes!

May 26th

Good luck in Japan, Andy!

May 25th.

Got wet on my walk!

May 24th

May 23rd

What is in the corner of my kitchen.

06/05/2011 - 10:27 am fran - ah... are we sure andy went to japan???

May 22nd

Andy and I at the Frederik Meijer Gardens!

May 21st

Old timee Grand Rapids at the museum!

May 20th

May 19th