The importance of backing up your images!!!

To my clients who  have received discs of your images- please please PLEASE back them up in an additional secure space, such as online or hard drive storage! I have duplicates of everything I’ve shot, but I’ve recently had back up failures, which is really scary! Please make sure that all of your important photos, professional and not, are  stored securely!!!

Some simple suggestions for image storage-

– Get a Pro Account! You can upload your high resolution images, and for $20 a year, they are kept safe online!

– Get an external hard drive! Better yet, get 2, and have duplicates of everything!! My go-to portable external hard drives are Western Digital Passport drives.

– Back up images on DVD! I’ve been noticing that files on CD-R’s are not holding up as well as those on DVD-R’s. If your images are on a CD, please make sure you transfer them to a DVD-R, hard drive, or online storage ASAP!

I would certainly recommend a combination of both online, and hard drive storage. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask! While I will certainly not be getting rid any of my files, please do not depend on me for your photo back ups! I have a LOT of files to keep track of !!


And since I think blog posts are boring without a photo, here is a peek at a personal project I’m currently working on.

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